Kouson is a pottery and a family name of kyo yaki

(kyoto style ceramic art, or kiyomizu-ware).

Kyoto ceramic ware with long history — the kiln origin which will continue on the approach to Kiyomizu temple “Chawan zaka” in the tradition of – Kiyomizu ware in 100 or more. While grinding examples of traditional craftsmanship and extension centering on the white porcelain and the blue porcelain which were developed uniquely The work which incorporated new breath in the beauty is made.

Seishi white porcelain
The most difficult work is needed for a potter’s wheel fabrication by the milk white developed from white Koryo (white porcelain) made from Chinese old kiln. White porcelain which is proud of west work technology. Typical beauty of a glaze tone like a rice-flour dumpling to China reminded of an Oriental beauty’s skin It names from the Seishi.

A blue porcelain with the graceful and original deep color tone developed in the blue porcelain which showed fertile maturity to Chinese sung dynasty while succession the advisory process.

Means of transportation
  1. City bus

    It is a No. 206 system from Kyoto Station. The Gojo-zaka Station alighting On foot 10 minutes

  2. Kyoto bus

    It is a No. 18 system from Kyoto Station. The Higashiyama Gojo Station alighting On foot 10 minutes

  3. Keihan train

    It is on foot 20 minutes from Shimizu Gojo Station.

  4. Hankyu train

    It is on foot 30 minutes from Kawaramachi Station.

  1. 6-541, Gojohashi-higashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, 〒605-0846
  2. Telephone 075-561-6404